Here are some short videos, that tell great stories about Jesus, or stories he told to help us understand important truths.

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A miracle for lunch

Jesus is the bread of life who calls disciples—even young ones—to follow him. What was it like for children who met and interacted with Jesus?


This retelling, based on the amazing event when Jesus fed the five thousand, is seen from the perspective of the boy who gave his lunch to Jesus. It is an invitation to children to imagine and wonder; to step inside the story and see what the adventure of following Jesus is like.

Can you help? Would you like to collaborate on a supporting resource to help make A Miracle for Lunch even more useful for children?  Please contact Max7 (

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Lost and found

Jesus told several stories about lost things, and the love and excitement of those who searched for them, and found them.

Jesus also describes himself as the Good Shepherd, and really cares for those people who are not part of his 'flock'., and how excited he is when he finds anyone who was lost but is now safe with him.

Are you lost or found?

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Wise or foolish?

Both the wise people and foolish people hear Jesus' words.

The wise hear His words and put them into practice. Those that are foolish don't .


It is just like building a house. The wise person builds it on a solid foundation, so it can stand and can last. We also need to be wise, listen to Jesus' words and put them into practice, so we can stand when things get tough and difficult times come.

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Good Samaritan

How easy it is to judge others, or choose who we will help or look serve. 

Jesus told this famous parable to illustrate that the way we act towards other people - not just our friends - will tell us a lot about our love for God and our genuine love for others.

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Paul Willmott

Paul is one of the 'friends' of Penn Christian Centre, who represents us when visiting schools and taking assemblies in our area. 

During the pandemic Paul has taken to preparing a variety of suitable videos called, "Paul at Home", where he is often joined and assisted by one of his special puppet characters.

If you want to check them out, click here.